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The Crown Stirrup

The Crown Stirrup
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The Crown Stirrup, Clay Hill, Lyndhurst
Formerly a cottage built in the 1500s, the pub is next to the busy A337 at Clay Hill, Lyndhurst

The pub is the only one named after an ancient object that was used to decide which villagers could take their dogs hunting in the New Forest in the 11th century.

Those small enough to squeeze through the iron stirrup were considered harmless. larger dogs were not, and had their paws badly mutilated by removing three claws from each foot. to prevent them from chasing deer,and spoiling the Hunts enjoyed by King William Rufus and his Court.

The original device still hangs in the Court of Verderers, part of the 17th century Queen’s House in Lyndhurst. Its lasting legacy is the only pub in the country called the Crown Stirrup.
The stirrup measured 2ft 7inches all round,and was 10.5 inches wide at the bottom

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