Thursday, July 19, 2007

The New Forest Reptile Centre

Natterjack Toad, there were also some little baby natterjacks!

Green Frog
A group of adders , these are quite dark compared to some of the paler ones I have come across in the forest. Our only Poisonous snake it is quite shy and will normally slither out of harms way

karen and I went to the New Forest Reptile Centre this afternoon. The RSPB were there monitoring the Hobby Web Cam. They were also showing video from the Goshawk Web cam that they had earlier in the year and videos of some of the ground nesting birds and waders found in the New Forest. (I just saw the chicks being fed on the web cam)
The grass snake is harmless and can be recognized by the pale ring on its neck We also saw slow worms, common toads and common lizards, but we didn't spot the smooth snake or the sand lizards.

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