Friday, August 03, 2007

Walking in the Heather.

This morning we walked at Shatterford. Blue skies , warm, buzzing bees in the heather and a beautiful smell in the air (heather smells like honey). Sadly our plan to do our usual circular walk were thwarted because they are repairing the bridges over the bog. We strolled over the railway bridge and took a track through the heather, but soon we wer knee deep and struggling to find the path,however the dogs had a wonderful time bounding through the heather. It is really hard to take a photo that really does justice to the beauty of the forest at this time of year!

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Jan said...

You had the weather today then. It started raining here at 2oclock and hasn't yet stopped. Also blowing a gale. Dark at 8 oclock, very depressing. We've got it again tomorrow by the looks of the forecast. Sigh.