Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Sunny June Morning

Taivas Missy and Raffles pose on our early morning walk. it was very warm and sunny at 8am this morning.
On our way home we stopped off at Hatchetts moor Pond to see the lilies and watch the damsel and dragon flies. There was no sign of the little swan family and I think they must have relocated them somewhere away from the other swan family.
On the main pond the seven cygnets are all doing welland the attentive parents were close by

In the garden at home the Goldfinches were having a snack


Island Rambles Blog said...

Love the goldfinches at the feeder Mary, nice to see you posting again...and to see the doggies...cheers.

abehap said...

Hi guys, good to see you's & Taivas enjoying the sunshine while it lasts ;)
Absolutely bucketing down here tonight, theres a blanket of hail outside on my lawn :(

puggies are snug in front of fire :D

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow--what a wonderful outing. All the photos are just great, and it looks animals and plants are having a great season.

Mo said...

I can see your cygnets are a good bit further on than ours.